Why am I doing this?


In order to fulfill my dream of living in a wild and remote place, I need to find a way to make a living there. A seamstress by trade, I make things for people – but if those people are a long way away I need to find a way of reaching them, and the obvious answer in this day and age is to do it online. The physical making of goods I can do anywhere, as long as I have electricity to run a sewing machine and provide good light on dark winter days. To find people to buy my offerings I will be reaching out through broadband – displaying them in my Etsy shop, talking about them here and on my Facebook page and generally trying to share my passion for making new things out of old things with the world.

I will be sharing my ideas and trying to find out what people like and don’t like. Sharing the trials and tribulations of the design process, the disasters as well as the successes, offering tips and support to other makers, upcyclers, recyclers and refashioners of forgotten and discarded textiles.


About Penny Cameron

I am a seamstress by trade; over the last half century (yikes!) I made or repaired just about anything that can be put together with a sewing machine. Everything from ultralight aircraft wings to wedding dresses, from the utilitarian to textile art. Lately my imagination has been captured by the idea of giving a new purpose to all those lovely handmade textiles languishing in bottom drawers everywhere. The stuff that we hang onto for sentimental reasons but never actually use. So from using the crocheted trim on a stained tablecloth to lengthen a skirt made from an old pair of jeans, to making a romantic cushion for your bed from lace doilies I am bringing these forgotten treasures out to be enjoyed again. This blog will be about finding the raw materials and the stories behind them, the design and discovery of a new life for them and the process of turning the idea into an online business that will enable me to work from anywhere - my ultimate dream.

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